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The  Leadership Training Chabura for Jewish business executives, taught by Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser.  Best known for his transformative Possible You Seminar, Rabbi Glaser is now offering his expertise in customized executive-level training.



Drawing from an extraordinarily diverse base of human potential training, Rabbi Glaser's Chabura enables each individual participant to steer your business to where you dream it.  Rabbi Glaser's unique ability to draw on a variety of modalities fosters a depth of teamwork and a development of intimate group connection that produces measurable personal, and therefore professional, transformation.  Based on Rabbi Glaser's conviction that other leaders can develop their abilities to do the same, this closed group will be specifically customized according to the personalities of the Chabura participants and their businesses.   


The four modules are as follows:


Charisma - Make it a blast to work for you

Employee relations - Everyone knows their role and enjoys working as a team

Empowering employees - Each employee feels trusted & well placed

Renewing the vibrations - Your corporate environment pulses with exciting energy



Upcoming Program:


Sunday Feb. 21st through Wednesday, Feb. 24th


10-12 daily



Cost for Chabura Participation is $1,500



Please click on the following link to apply for the session.



You will receive confirmation of your participation within 24 hours.


Looking forward to great rewards working together,

Rabbi Yom Tov & Staff













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