Online Corona Hurricane Webinars

A unique webinar for this global crisis




Being the Eye of the Corona Hurricane

A unique webinar for this global crisis


Our Earth seems to be giving birth and the birth pangs are all around us.  In these strange times, Rabbi Yom Tov has been getting strange requests.  One, that has come repeatedly is a request to comment on the best-selling book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  As its title suggests, this book carries deep and powerful lessons relevant for these challenging times, specifically addressing how we can be at peace within the chaos and uncertainty. 

With Rabbi Yom Tov’s newfound “free time”, he is in a rare position to take such a request, and will be offering an ongoing class, using A New Earth as a springboard for discovering ourselves in this new world.


Join Rabbi Yom Tov for the unusual opportunity of exploring first-hand the juncture of Kabbalah and the wisdom Tolle shares in this great work.  The book has transformed many lives but begs for a Torah perspective to ground the timely advice.  This is a “how to” interactive zoom webinar that promises to put you in the proper headspace for the crisis at hand.


A New Earth Webinar will take place daily from Sunday to Thursday each week:

Cost: $50



Rabbi Yom Tov Club Members are welcome to sign up for free at email:

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