The Mission

Discover Your True Life Mission



Are you ready to fill your life with energy and excitement?! Now is the time!


Please join Rabbi Yom Tov and local groups all over the world by registering for his new seminar The Mission. 


The Mission in DOING is what The Possible You was in BEING!


Given the current travel restrictions, Rabbi Glaser’s team has created the ultimate Mission seminar.  Rabbi Glaser will be in Studio in Jerusalem with his own live group while each other group will participate locally in person with their own Mission facilitator.  Rabbi Glaser will lead the seminar on screen while each city group leader will facilitate the discussions as each person discovers his G-d-given personal mission on this earth.

The Mission begins this Sunday January 9th-11th for 4 hours each session.

The cities where this will take place are:


And it is possible to sign up and do it privately on your own device at home, however you will not receive the facilitation that crystallizes The Mission for you.

Get ready for a whole new life!


Click the link below to register:









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