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With Rabbi Yom Tov the discovery never ends and one adventure leads into another!  Join Rabbi Yom Tov for this new program, in which you will tackle a different provocative topic each month, with Rabbi Yom Tov leading you on a journey you never would have embarked upon alone!


February Topic: Chaos 



For the Love of Chaos



If you’re like the rest of humanity, the word Chaos has been all too prevalent and disconcerting lately.  Just the sound of it brings up sensations of vulnerability, fear, danger, fragility, despair, anxiety.


People will spend thousands of dollars to try to make the above list go away, paying therapists, lawyers, and insurance agents in an attempt to avoid life’s uncertainty.  Many have succeeded in protecting themselves from life’s vulnerabilities, but are they at peace? 


So, what was G-d thinking when He set us up for this dangerously unpredictable ride called life on Earth?  Does He want us to spend our lives in a futile scramble for security?  


Are you holding on for dear life?  If yes, it's time to LET GO!!!


Come fall in love as we reveal the great secret in G-d’s plan for Creation!

Stop running from chaos and start cherishing its significance in your life.  

Rediscover the purpose of chaos in bringing functional order to your life!

Instead of avoiding chaos, learn to dance with it.

Become a master of chaos and harness its power to balance.   


Join Rabbi Yom Tov for this unique month of Sundays Live and learn the key to mastering chaos.  By subscribing to this series, you will not only become the calm in the eye of life’s hurricane, but you will also emerge with your personal potential that only chaos can reveal!  


Stage 1, Feb. 7th:

Understanding chaos and order


Stage 2, Feb. 14th:

Understanding Gender


Stage 3, Feb. 21st:

Shaking the Snow Globe of your Life


Stage 4, Feb. 28th:

G-d's plan


Looking forward to an amazing month together!


See you on Sundays. They’re going to be epic!



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