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With Rabbi Yom Tov the discovery never ends and one adventure leads into another!  Join Rabbi Yom Tov for this new program, in which you will tackle a different provocative topic each month, with Rabbi Yom Tov leading you on a journey you never would have embarked upon alone!


December Topic: SELF HEALTH 



Your health Unmasked


Who are you? If you’re really honest you’ll realize the answer is, “no clue!” Human beings have a constant identity crisis.

But here’s the catch, we grow attached to negative traits just to avoid being “nobody”. One of those negative manifestations is how we treat our body.


We get used to our health situation and maintain it. We sabotage our optimal health in order to be someone, even though that someone suffers with aches and pains, extra weight, susceptible immune system and loss of vitality. “I’m the guy with the backache!” “I am the gal with the headaches!” We even get to know medical professionals who validate our health/identity to continue the charade.


In this special month of Sundays Live with Rabbi Yom Tov, we will delve into the essence of this matter and navigate our way to optimal health!


Stage one – Dec. 6th

The identity of health

Discover why we fall into patterns of destructive health behaviors and learn how to reverse the phenomena.


Stage Two – Dec. 13th

The Chanukah Health Special

It’s a surprise!


Stage Three – Dec. 20th


Sleep | Exercise | Flexibility | Balance/Coordination | Strength | Diet


Stage Four – Dec. 27th

Body Temple

Discovering the nexus of spirit and body and how to maintain the synthesis of the two such that they become one.


Looking forward to an amazing month together!



See you on Sundays. They’re going to be epic!



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