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With Rabbi Yom Tov the discovery never ends and one adventure leads into another!  Join Rabbi Yom Tov for this new program, in which you will tackle a different provocative topic each month, with Rabbi Yom Tov leading you on a journey you never would have embarked upon alone!


September topic: At-ONE-Ment


This special time of the ancient Jewish calendar leads up to the climactic day of atonement, Yom Kippur. The word atonement means reparation or reconciliation, but holistically, we will translate it into unification.


You see, when we make mistakes, it leaves a gap within us, our relationships and with God.

Amazingly, the word atonement also spells the word at–ONE–ment. It’s time to take a holistic approach to these holidays, and really focus on how to gather ourselves up.

There’s something awesome about being one with yourself, the world, with God!  It’s a wholeness that we all seek. Unfortunately, we are often scattered, fragmented and at a loss to the true path of life that promotes wholeness. 

Rosh Hashanah is the light and the clarity of the goal of life but when we get to the other end of the year, we are far from that light and we grow numb to the spiritual toll that it takes.


Join Rabbi Glaser Sundays live with this brand new approach to becoming one; to reunite ourselves, our loved ones and to become one with our Maker and His master plan regaining our clarity so that it’s truly a NEW year.


As is our custom on Sundays live, we will begin each session with a song and conclude with a meditation!


Stage one: Tekia-born whole

Sunday, Sep. 6th

• The source of the soul

• Unlimited potential

• Inherent connection

• Divine creativity

• Life is the great teacher


Stage two: Shevarim-ouch/broken

Sunday, Sep. 13th

• Self awareness

• Self-consciousness/Shame

• Survival strategies

• The fragmented self


Stage Three: Teruah-shattered

Wednesday (due to holidays), Sep. 23rd

• Our 3 essential relationships:

• ourselves

• others

• God

• It’s wake up time


Stage four: Tekiah Gedola-At-ONE-Ment

Wednesday (due to holidays), Sep. 30th

• You are the great student

• Reconciliation

• Who are you now

• Tokea-drive it in

• Natural Joy



Coming in October: TBA



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See you on Sundays. They’re going to be epic!

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